Palladium IS welcomes potential partners and would like to make them aware of some of our institutional service offerings.

Managed Accounts

Palladium IS Asset Managers Paying for Results

A passive managed account is an account where the account manager puts money into ‘something’, a portfolio and checks from time to time, maybe every day, how it is doing. In the world of currencies trading this is comparable to automated trading. We do not do automated trading.

Active Management, active results.

Our main concern for our clients' accounts is focused on the achievement of results / performance with minimal risk. When we open a managed account for you we will ask you about your risk profile and the account will be managed accordingly. Our trading is based around the idea of as little risk as possible, an example of this would be that we do not use leverage on managed accounts - unless the client instructs us to do so. If you are interested in knowing more about our managed accounts and the track record of the trading accounts please contact us.

Trading Signals

Palladium IS Asset ManagersKnowing when to exit is just as important as knowing when to enter

If you have ever tried using a "signals" service before, then you probably know the word confusion. Whilst good charts and well founded analysis are available on the market, overall there is a weakness.

How does it work?

We provide you with a currency pair along with entry points, "stop loss" levels and "take profit" levels and more importantly we provide these in a timely manner.
So who is this service targeted at - actually, everyone. If you are one of our clients, this is a service that we are happy for you to subscribe to. Institutional clients may wish to white label this service in order to focus client trading activity, this provides a benefit to the client in that they are presented with a service with a perceived high value whilst the company is able to generate revenue based on additional traded volume. Would you like to know more?

Analysis Services

Palladium IS Asset Managers A chief market strategist without the expense of the department

We know that as an institutional client you may need to have a chief market strategist on your team but we also know that this member of the team (and the support staff) are quite costly. There are two target audiences for this service: our direct clients and institutional clients who have their own services to offer.

Focus on what you do best and let us help with the rest.

As a trading client of Palladium IS the analysis service is something that you can subscribe to and use to help with your own trading strategy. As an institutional client we can provide you with the fundamental and technical analysis via an RSS feed thus allowing you to white label the content as your own. We consider this to be a valuable service as high quality market analysis is a very good sales and marketing tool for any institutional client. A combination of this service and the "signals" service should allow even the smallest institutional client to drive significant additional revenue from the existing client base - and to use it as a unique sales point in order to expand the client base further. Need more information?

Economic calendar

Palladium IS Technical Analysis What's Happening in the World Today?
We've already identified that analysis is a key offering to either our direct clients or to your clients - so where do the news fit in to this?
At key points during the month/year different institutions make statistics available to the market. On one day we may have unemployment figures from the USA and the next we may have consumers' confidence in the UK. These figures have an effect on market sentiment and may influence currencies movements.

Who is this service for?

This service is intended primarily for our own clients but may also be white labelled by other institutional clients. Want to know more?