Palladium IS welcomes potential partners, the following text explains what we offer.

Asset Managers

Palladium IS Asset Managers Your Clients, Your Control

If you are an existing asset manager we know that you have worked hard to develop your business and build your client base We also know that you are under constant pressure to deliver results. So how can we help you?

Service, Stability and more service.

Your main concern is to provide good results to your clients, we know that we can best help you achieve this by providing you with a fast, reliable trading platform and a deep liquidity pool. As a professional asset manager you need a professional service. We will do our absolute best to ensure that you get exactly what you need when you need it. Would you like to know more?

Introducing Agents

Palladium introducing agents Your Network

As an independent sales agent you have a client list and a professional network. You know that within your network there are individuals or institutional clients that could benefit from our services. We would like to meet you. We would like you to introduce us to your network and we would like to reward you for doing so.

How does it work?

We provide you with marketing material/brochures that you can show to your clients. If you decide to introduce us to your client(s) and they subsequently take advantage of one of our services you will be rewarded - and the higher the client's value, the more we reward you. We do of course put in place a contract between you and us so as to ensure everyone knows how rewards are calculated and paid and we provide you with monthly summary reports. Interested?


Palladium IS institutional clients Regulation, Auditing and Compliance.
As an Institutional client these are probably just a couple of the items that put pressure on your organisation - which is why you should talk to us.

Our team has many years of experience within different regulatory environments (FINMA, CYSEC, FSA, SEC - just to mention a few) so we know the complexity of the environment. Depending upon the country that you are working in, your regulatory requirements will differ. Once we know which body you will be regulated by, we will make sure that you have everything you need to pass your audits.
We understand that you may want to use our managed account service as part of your underlying portfolio management strategy or perhaps you want to trade as a method to hedge your other investments - whichever you choose we will be happy to discuss your requirements and goals.

Please be aware - we DO NOT accept clients from the USA or USA persons at present

If you have specific reporting requirements this is also something that our team will be happy to discuss with you. Would you like to know more?

White Labels

Palladium IS white labels Your Business, Our Infrastructure

You have identified your client base, created your marketing material and put a team in place to sell your products and support your clients - but what about the infrastructure side of things? Do you have a trading platform, what about a top tier liquidity provider?

Focus on what you actually know and can do.

Unless you have spent years working for different financial institutions or brokerage firms you are not going to have the same core skills that Palladium IS has. So why not focus on the areas of your business that you know well and actually delivers direct value to you and let us manage the infrastructure side of the operation. You'll get an our platform branded with your logo and liquidity directly from a top tier provider and all of this into a series of data centers that include failover and disaster recovery as standard. Like to know more?