Palladium IS offers a number of different accounts, while the conditions for each vary the execution does not.


Our Pricing and Execution

Palladium IS Execution and pricing Transparency
From the beginning Palladium IS introduced No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution for forex transactions. Our aim was to provide an efficient, fair and transparent model for pricing and execution.
NDD prices are competitive and market-driven, and NDD execution is transparent and fair.

What are the Benefits
We offer:
Competitive, market-driven prices
Anonymous order execution (price providers cannot see your stops, limits, or entry orders)
No trading conflict of interest between broker and trader
No re-quotes; no dealer intervention
No restrictions on the strategy you use (scalp, trade the news, use any EA)
Potential Price Improvements on all order types

How Does it Work?

Once a mark-up is added, we take the best available bid and best ask prices from our liquidity providers and stream those prices to the platforms we provide. That's the price you see. Palladium's liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions, and other market makers. This large yet diverse group of liquidity providers is one of the things that make this model beneficial for our clients.
Palladium's deep and diverse pool of liquidity providers helps to ensure that streamed prices are reliable - and are not set by a single provider - and that they reflect the broader market. This use of aggregation effectively forces competition, the NDD model ensures that prices are market-driven and fair. Palladium rewards liquidity providers with order flow when they provide the best bid or ask prices. The more advantageous their prices are the more order flow the liquidity provider will receive. The less advantageous, the less order flow they will receive. This efficient selection method keeps a single liquidity provider from adversely affecting your price. This selection method is automatic in that only the best prices are selected and move through to the client platform.

Palladium does not take a market position thus eliminating a major conflict of interest. Typically Dealing Desk brokers may actively trade against your positions. They profit when you lose. Alternatively, they may lose when you profit. Because of this, Dealing Desk brokers are incentivized to manipulate your orders. They may for example place restrictions on stops and limits or re-quote your orders. Palladium's NDD execution model does none of this. Your orders automatically fill from the NDD price feed, which is the best available bid and best ask prices from all of our liquidity providers (plus markup). Additionally, your orders are anonymous to the liquidity providers. They cannot see your stops, limits, or entry orders; they only see market orders coming from Palladium.