Deposits and Withdrawals

Palladium IS will process your transaction on a best effort basis - we will always process it as quickly as we are able.



Palladium IS Fundamental Analysis Where do I send my Funds?
This is one of the questions we always get so here are the details - notice the account number is slightly different depending upon the currency
And for those of you not familiar with the IBAN it's the international bank account number and contains not only the bank account number but the information to identify both country and financial institution. If you would like to transmit funds by SWIFT (institutionals) please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with the details.

GBP CH239684747474485
USD CH239684747474486


Palladium IS Fundamental Analysis Requesting your Funds
Please provide us with as many as possible of the below information and remember, you must provide us with an account number that has been used for a deposit previously and the name on the account should match the name on the trading account..