Account Types and Transactions

Palladium IS offers a number of trading solutions and quick turnarounds on both deposit and withdrawal requests.

Account Types

Palladium IS Account Types Self Trading

If you're a client of Palladium IS you are undoubtedly a professional or have sufficient experience to be considered as one and so you may wish to trade your own funds. We put a best-in-class trading platform at your control (cTrader) and you can do as you please. We provide you with the platform, good spreads and other tools such as signals and analysis to help you on your way. If you start with a self-traded account you may upgrade to a managed account at any time in the future. For self traded accounts we also make available the cAlgo product which allows you to develop your own, or use existing, trading robots (cAlgo is a very powerful developer version of cTrader) and so if you can imagine it you will be able to build it. Although our account types may vary our execution is the same for all accounts (transparent, fair and straight to market). If you'd like to know more about execution or Start trading now.

Managed Accounts.

Palladium IS offers actively managed accounts based on your goals and risk profile. We will be happy to provide you with details of our company's track record and performance. It is important to note that our trading is purely human trading. We do not use social trading networks or robots. Would you like to know more about a managed account?

Demo Accounts.

If you want to practice trading or test a strategy then a free demo account will allow you to try different strategies before investing funds. Our demo accounts use the same price feed as the live accounts and so you can be sure that practicing or testing in the demo environment will be a worthwhile use of your time. Would you like a demo account?

Deposits and Withdrawals

Palladium IS Deposits and withdrawals It's your money
When you send us funds or request the return of funds we understand that this should be carried out in a secure and timely manner. We will always do our best to credit trading accounts within 30 minutes of funds being received and withdrawal requests will be processed within the same day.

Methods of Transfer:

We use a top tier European bank and so we have the capability to either use a standard wire transfer or to receive swift based payments - if you wish to use swift please contact us. Would you like to make a deposit or withdrawal?