Sustainable Investing in both the UK and Switzerland

Palladium IS is a little different to the brokerage houses or management companies that you are used to. We run an ECN platform with no artificial spread widening. This means that your orders go straight to the market without any delays and any spread widening is as a direct result of market sentiment (and comes from the liquidity providers themselves).

This means that it is in our interest for you, as a trader or a managed account holder, to win and for you to win consistently which in turn ensures that it is in our interest to provide our clients with responsive, robust and scalable systems in the form of top tier liquidity providers and a best-in-class trading platform..

Why Choose Us?

Palladium institutional Institutional by Nature.
The Palladium IS team is composed of top senior management executives in the area of Investment Banking, trading and portfolio management. Having assumed key roles within top tier financial institutions, we understand the necessity of combining performant trading and execution services with state of the art technology when it comes to offering the best solution to our investors.
Because of this triple background in Institutional Trading, Execution and IT, we are keen on delivering the best support, coaching and professional services to our clients. Our company is dedicated to only bring the best to the markets, which is why we focus not only on Execution, but also Advisory services and Managed Accounts. We fully understand the need of our clients for safe investments and Wealth Management.

Our Goals - Sustainable Investing in both the UK and Switzerland
Palladium IS is focussed on its goal of achieving a sustainable investment model which is unique within the current brokerage and management markets and by taking this focus we ensure that we also meet our goal of providing the best possible service to our clients.

Our concept of sustainable investment is based on the idea that as a service providing company we should be at your service and that whatever we do as a business should be for the benefit of you - the client. We believe that this makes us a more ethical company as it ensures that we will never take positions against our clients or encourage others to do so.

We believe that as a client we should be acting in a manner that supports your activities and as such our spreads are clearly displayed along with our promise to maintain the spreads which are provided to us by liquidity providers and not widen spreads artificially. We also commit to monitoring our liquidity providers speed and spreads across both news and quiet periods in order to ensure that you, the client, recieve a consistently high quality service. We also commit to our promise of not charging comissions on self traded accounts or charging maintenance fees on any account.

Palladium FCA Regulated Regulation
Palladium Investment Services is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as an appointed representative of Linear Investments Ltd. FCA regulation not only ensures that we as a company must uphold certain professional standards (including governance and compliance) but also ensures that you as a client have financial protection provided by the UK government. Our company uses only regulated entities in order to provide services, this ensures that our liquidity provider takes price feeds from 13 different tier one banks (at the time of writing). This use of multiple liquidity sources is how we ensure the best possible prices with the best possible execution.

Safety of Funds
Palladium IS has established itself as a leading market player within the Investments and Financial markets arena, with a major focus on Foreign Exchange (FX). As an FCA regulated appointed representative of Linear Investments Ltd providing a wide range of products (from pure execution to Advisory and Trading/Portfolio Management), we make sure our clients' funds are safe, transparent and fully accessible at all times.
This is made possible by our strong partnership with a world class, top tier, independent Banks, Santander Bank and HSBC, who provide our banking and custody services.
Aside from using top tier institutions Palladium IS prides itself for segregating its clients' account for additional safety.
In addition all clients are likely to be eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for more protection of their investments and deposits; for more information please click here.